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Rock Candy Funk Party - The Groove Cubed (Sealed) (CD)

510 грн
На складе: да
Год: 2017
Дата релиза: 20.10.2017
Жанр: Jazz, funk, rock, soul
Формат: Аудио (CD-DA)
Полиграфия: Буклет-книжка
Состояние: Диск запечатанный (Sealed)
Упаковка: Диджипак (Картон+пластик) (Digipak / DigiPack)
Количество носителей: 1
Артикул / Каталожный номер: PRD 7535 2
Штрих-код: 0819873015697
Страна производитель: Евросоюз (EU)
Производитель/Дистрибьютор: Mascot Label Group / Provogue

Rock Candy Funk Party delivers a lavish sound landscape that includes a wealth of genres, dance and electronica, funk and jazz and everything in between. "The Groove Cubed" is the successor to "Groove Is King", released in 2015. RCFP is a collection of first-class musicians who love the groove and who aim to deliver fresh and funky vibes to the world. Her collective credits include Joe Zawinul, Hugh Masekela, Prince, Ruth Brown, Chaka Khan, Simple Minds, Billy Idol, Tito Puente, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, Conan O' Brien, Sheila E. and many more. RCFP are: Tal Bergman (producer and drums), Joe Bonamassa (guitar), Ron DeJesus (guitar) and Mike Merritt (bass). The Groove Cubed, was discovered in the Bergman Valley Studios in Los Angeles, California. With the new album, the band continues their musical direction and seamlessly combines different genres. This time two fabulous singers (Ty Taylor from Vintage Trouble and Mahalia Barnes) will join us. According to Bergman, the listener is sent on a journey of discovery, where many different musical styles from different eras come together. Bergman: Expect the unexpected! Bergman continues on the album:"Our main goal for The Groove Cubed was, as always, to break through genre and mix elements from the past with contemporary music. This band is the perfect vehicle for making unorthodox music.

Треклист (Tracklist):

♫ ♪ 1. Gothic Orleans ♫ ♪ 
♫ ♪ 2. Drunk On Bourbon On Bourbon Street ♫ ♪ 
♫ ♪ 3. In The Groove ♫ ♪ 
♫ ♪ 4. Don't Even Try It ♫ ♪ 
♫ ♪ 5. Two Guys And Stanley Kubrick Walk Into A Jazz Club ♫ ♪ 
♫ ♪ 6. Isle Of The Wright Brothers ♫ ♪ 
♫ ♪ 7. Mr. Space ♫ ♪ 
♫ ♪ 8. I Got The Feelin' ♫ ♪ 
♫ ♪ 9. After Hours ♫ ♪ 
♫ ♪ 10. This Tune Should Run For President ♫ ♪ 
♫ ♪ 11. Mr. Funkadamus Returns And He Is Mad ♫ ♪ 
♫ ♪ 12. Funk-O-Potamia ♫ ♪ 
♫ ♪ 13. The Token Ballad ♫ ♪ 
♫ ♪ 14. Ping Pong ♫ ♪

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